About us

Our story

For years, we were interested wine tasters without extensive background knowledge. About seven years ago, our lives took a drastic turn after a wine tasting course and an intensive training in winemaking. Wine making became a true passion that we wanted to pursue further. After the first visit to Couldraies, we were excited and convinced by the domain’s many assets.

Château des Couldraies is the perfect marriage between historical heritage in a world-renowned region and a magnificent, south facing vineyard in an exceptional landscape with great biological diversity. From the start, our mission is to strive for a wine with that extra touch every year.

Our team

The family-run estate consists of a small, permanent team supplemented by experienced seasonal workers who have been helping with the harvest for many years.
As a Flemish winemaker, I can count on a passionate French winemaker who has been getting the best out of the soil and the grape for more than 25 years at the domain. I am therefore firmly convinced that together we will write a vibrant new chapter!

Much of the work is done manually as there are several plots with vines older than 50 years and these only reveal the concentrated juice thanks to a very careful and expert approach.